There are many reasons why people will choose to receive orthodontic care at Dixon Smile Orthodontics. However, most people wish to have a healthy, beautiful smile, often times seeking the need for braces in order to correct their teeth or jaw alignments. With all the great benefits that orthodontic care can offer, a beautiful smile is perhaps the most desired.

Form the beginning of the process to the end result; it is important to us that your experience is as positive as possible. With our dedication in the quality of our care, combined with a happy, healthy smile, we guarantee that you will not only feel comfortable, but confident as well!. 

Individualized Orthodontic Treatments

 Orthodontic appliances come in a variety of materials and options. Appliances will consist of metal, ceramic, or plastic, as well as they may either be removable or bonded to your teeth with brackets. The purpose of these appliances is to apply a gentle force in a particular direction, in order to slowly move teeth into the proper and desired position.

With today's orthodontic appliances, traditional bands and brackets are not the only option a person may choose from. Depending on your personal preference, you may now choose from clear or metallic brackets, as well as the color of your appliance. With wires being less noticeable and the ability to correct your teeth faster and more comfortably, making the decision to wear braces has never been easier.

Length of Your Braces Treatment


There are many factors that will determine the duration in which you will need to wear your braces. Things such as your age, the treatment method, and the severity of your case, will determine your treatment time, which consists of as little as one year, to as many as three years. Perhaps the biggest factor in your treatment is you, and ensuring that you are providing the proper care for your appliance. The more involvement on your part, will lead to more efficient treatment. If you are seeking interceptive or early treatment for your child, you will also help to ensure better treatment now than if seeking treatment later on in life.

By consulting with your orthodontist, you will better understand your treatment options, as well as receive an estimate for your specific treatments. Be sure to contact us in order to receive further information on our treatment options, or to schedule your consultation.